Boat Wraps

Camouflage Vinyl Boat Wrap on Dual Axle Trailer at Signs and Lines

Make Your Boat Look The Best On The Dock

Wrapping your boat gives you an entirely new way to show off your personality. Your boat will look like no other after we design and install a custom boat wrap for you. It provides not only an aesthetic boost, but costs less than paint alternatives, and won't damage your boat?

Earth tone pontoon boat vinyl wrap on trailer at Signs and Lines Lot with black and brown striping

How Does My Boat Get Wrapped?

For your Boat to get wrapped, you will need to pull it out of the water and come to our shop. All boats are worked on in a safe, clean facility. If it is an interior wrap, we can travel to your boat for an added fee.

Yellow and White Boat Vinyl wrap with numbers and matching yellow trailer parked at Signs and Lines

How Long Will The Wrap Last?

Our 3M Material is rated from 5-10 years, making it similar to many paint applications on the market. By properly maintaining your vinyl by cleaning and not using chemicals like wax, the lifespan of the wrap will be towards the higher end.