Cabinet Signs

Small cabinet sign for Waukesha Technical College in blue and white on tan building

A Cost-Effective Way To Promote Your Brand

A Cabinet sign is a sign that is manufactured to be a metal frame that allows different sign faces to rest within it. These signs are often one of the more inexpensive types of architectural signage available.

Full Size Parents Place Cabinet Sign with Pink and Green logos and text by Signs and Lines

What Options Do I Have With My Custom Sign?

Because the sign faces are just placed in, we can apply cut vinyl, custom prints, electronic readerboards, and more. Our team of Fabricators also can make custom shapes and sizes.

How long can they last?

If you're looking for a long-lasting solution that doesn't break the bank, Cabinet signs are the way to go. They are built to withstand harsh Midwest winters and steamy Florida summers. They are also low maintenance and easily serviced if LEDs die in a few years.