Corrugated Signs

Corrugated Sign Uses

At Signs & Lines, we often see Corrugated Signs used in temporary outdoor applications, such as yard signs, political signs, wayfinding signs, information signs, but we also see them used indoors as well. Indoor applications include Menu Boards, Tradeshows, Promotions, and Point of Purchase Signs

Do I Need To Have A Design For My Signs?

No! Our team of design specialists will work to ensure that you get a corrugated sign that achieves your goals. We have produced thousands of signs, and our designers specialize in sign graphic design.

How Do I Mount And Install Corrugated Plastic Signs?

Most of the time, we see our customers put their corrugated signs on stakes, however, we have used Double-Sided tape, Sandwich Boards, Suction Cups, Frames, Velcro, and ceiling hangars.