Dimensional Letters

Tri City Contracting Dimensional Letters on top of brick, with blue letters and small logo

Custom Made For You

We value the importance of your brand and want to express it throughout your facility. We can custom make dimensional lettering with your logos, fonts, colors, and more! We're not just a "standard" sign solution, we will make your lobby and facilities pop

Dimensional Letters for PCI Construction's Facility in Waukesha Wisconsin, produced by Signs and Lines

World-Class Construction

With over 35 years of producing signs, we have experience in custom making nearly every style of Dimensional lettering. No matter the complexity of your idea or project, we can create custom sign lettering for you.

Design & Installation Services

We're more than just a sign manufacturer or wholesale shop. Our team of Designers will aid in creating the perfect sign for your company, and our installers will ensure that they are installed properly to last for countless years.