LED Retrofitting

Ewald Fleet Solutions Sign In Front of Signs and Lines Truck after LED rETROFITTING

Convert Fluorescent Signs to LED!

Many small business owners find that converting old, existing Fluorescent Signs to LED dramatically increase the appeal of their signs, while saving them energy costs over time. We are one of few Sign Companies in the Milwaukee area that actively retrofit signage, installing hundreds of retrofit projects.

Ewald Fleet Solutions LED Sign being upgraded from Fluorescent to LED by Signs and Lines By Stretch

Benefits of LED Lighting

Not only does LED Lighting have cost benefits due to their higher efficiency per lumen, but they also require less maintenance due to LEDs lasting longer. This means that your old, fragile fluorescent bulbs will require more service calls compared to LED signage. On top of that, LED Signs work in a wider range of temperatures, including harsh Midwest Winters.

World Class Installation

All of our LED Retrofitting projects are installed by our team of Installers that are specifically trained to work with signage, and have installed and retrofitted thousands of signs. We have full size bucket trucks that allow us to go to signage that is high into the air in a safe, efficient manner. Contact us for more information.