LED Signs

Soft Water LLC new Location Lit Sign on Intersection of HWY 59 and HWY 164 in Waukesha

Why Should My Business Get A LED Sign?

LED Signs are the most modern way to communicate information with your customers. If you're looking to constantly promote new events, sales, and more, digital signs provide a cost-effective way to advertise. LED Signs don't begin to "Camouflage" into a daily commuters environment and stand out from nearby signs.

Outdoor Crossroads Pizzeria Sign Lit with new LED lights by Signs and Lines By Stretch

Where Can LED Signs Be Used, and what options do they have?

LED Signs can be used both indoors and outdoors, and provide a high colorway to display images and 60 fps video. They can be installed on their own, or added to a variety of Architectural Sign styles, including monument signs and pole signs.

Papa Stache Outdoor LED Lit Monument Sign with live Electronic reader board by signs and lines

Ease of Use and Reliability

Your LED Sign includes cloud software to manage and upload images to the sign. The software is user friendly, and you are provided with free training and support for the lifetime of the sign! On top of that, the signs are modular, so you can expand on them, or replace just one portion of the sign if it were to be damaged. The LEDs are rated for hundreds of thousands of hours, so they will last countless years.