Pylon Signs

Large, outdoor pylon sign for Bliffert Lumber and Hardware in Waukesha Wisconsin

What Are The Benefits Of Pylon Signs?

Pylon Signs are the optimal way to grab the driver's attention from a distance. They are most often used by businesses off of high-speed roads, as the customer can see your sign further away and for longer.

How Long Do Pylon Signs Last?

Our signs are engineered to last gruesome Midwest Winters, and sweltering Florida Summers. We custom create each sign to your specifications, and because we design and fabricate with longevity, your sign can last for 25+ years!

Your Full-Service Signage Shop

At Signs & Lines, we will make sure that your standards are met throughout the entire sign process. From design, permitting, fabrication, and installation, our team will work efficiently, ensuring that you get the best quality sign in a timely fashion.